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Be Healed

Understand What God’s Word says about being Healed. Also hear a story of a man in our church that was visited by and angel and received a touch from God.

Tests from God

God does not Tempt us into sin, but the Bible tells us that we will go through tests. These tests are to strengthen our faith so God can bless us.

Letting a man or woman lead you away from God

We all want meaningful relationships in our life, but how does God feel about those relationship that pull us away from him? Find our if you have let your relationships with others distance you from God.

Body Soul & Spirit Part 2 of 2

The Bible tells us we are made up of a Body, Soul, and a Spirit. This sermon explains the difference between them.

Body Soul & Spirit Part 1 of 2

The Bible tells us we are a made up of a Body, Soul, and a Spirit. This sermon explains the differences between the three.

Jealousy is Cruel

Jealousy is a Cruel spirit. Find out the traits of a Jealous person and the destruction it brings.

Losing Everything

God demands that He be first in everyone’s life. Even though we don’t have to lose everything to prove that God is first, we must be willing to.

A Damascus Road Intervention

A Damascus road intervention is when God opens your eyes to what you have become. He brings your world to crashing halt. Even though it may seem like the world is falling around you, Gods’ love and Mercy is bringing you to a stand still so you can see what you have become and how […]

You Missed the Rapture

The 7 year tribulation will begin when Antichrist makes a covenant with many, Daniel 9:27. The first three chapters of Revelation show how God is warning his church to repent and be ready before the rapture and the beginning of this Tribulation.