Sermons from June 2023

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Your Flesh will Lead you to Hell

Everyone has a Body, spirit, and soul. When we get saved our spirit comes alive and the Bible tells us that a war erupts between our Flesh and spirit in a struggle for control. Your Body or(Flesh) is like a spoiled brat that constantly wants its way so we must Crucify the Flesh so it […]

Murmuring! Why God hates it

Murmuring is Not just a Character Flaw or a harmless habit. Its a destructive sin that God severely punished. New Life – T. Davidson · Murmuring! Why God hates it

A Storm called Wits End

God sends Storms sometimes to his children, Not to hurt them but toget their attention. These Storms may cause you to end up in a place called Wit’s End. Find out what God is doing and how to get out of Wit’s End. New Life – T. Davidson · A Storm called Wits End


Ravens are very intelligent and unique birds. The are mentioned all through the Bible. Just like the Raven, even if you have a troubled past and many failures God will still use you. New Life – T. Davidson · RAVENS

Removing Toxic People

Satan will plant Toxic people in your life and its up to you to Remove them. New Life – T. Davidson · Removing Toxic People