Sermons from September 2022

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Everything God does is through Seeds. As the Law of reaping and Sowing says, the seeds we plant will grow. Time to plant new crops for God. New Life – T. Davidson · SEEDS

FAITH seeing beyond the natural

We as Christians walk by Faith not by natural sight. When we walk by our natural eyes alone we end up riddled with Worry, fear, defeat from the enemy, but when we see through eyes of Faith the enemy is crushed. New Life – T. Davidson · FAITH seeing beyond the natural

Impulsive – Consider the Cost

What are the signs of an Impulsive person? What does God’s Word say about it and how do we overcome it. New Life – T. Davidson · Impulsive – Consider the Cost

Faithful Servant

Are you a Faithful Servant? There is a shortage of true Christian Servants in the Kingdom of God. New Life – T. Davidson · Faithful Servant


Is your Addiction destroying your life, Do you want free? New Life – T. Davidson · Addictions

Time to be Pruned

What does it mean to be Pruned? Pruning is when God removes all the dead and unproductive branches in your life. Every Christian will be Pruned. Being Pruned is painful to the flesh and may feel like you have hit rock bottom, but it’s one of God’s greatest acts of Love. New Life – T. […]

Spiritually Blind

The worst kind of Blindness is Spiritual blindness. The bible tells of a story of a church that were on their way to Hell and didnt even know it. Let God open your eyes. New Life – T. Davidson · Spiritually Blind

Strength and Weakness

Everybody has a strength in God.What were you called and anointed to do in the Kingdom of God? New Life – T. Davidson · Strength and Weakness

Jealous Spirits

Jealous Spirits will destroy every relationship you ever have. It will cause a person to become suspicious, controlling, bitter, selfish and even violent in some situations. New Life – T. Davidson · Jealous Spirits

Gates of Hell

Satan wants a foothold into your Mind, but Jesus said we have the power to overcome all the power of the enemy. New Life – T. Davidson · Gates of Hell