Sermons from October 2021

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Why am I Suffering

“Why am I suffering” is the question that so many struggle to understand. Truth is, There are many reasons we suffer and not all suffering is bad.

Three Baptisms of the Christian Faith

The Bible speaks of different kinds of Baptism. This sermon explains what Baptism is and the three main Baptisms of the Christian Faith.

Counterfeit Salvation Part 5

This sermon shows how this false Gospel made its way all down through Church History showing up in the Protestant Reformation and even modern churches.

Counterfeit Salvation Part 4

Do you know what True Biblical Grace is? Find out if its the same grace you are being taught in your church.If its not, then ask why? New Life – T. Davidson · Counterfeit Salvation Part 4

Counterfeit Salvation Part 3

Backsliding is mentioned all through the Bible. Its a dangerous change in the heart of a believer. Paul warns church folks about its dangers. So What does it mean to backslide? How can person tell if they have backslid? These and many other questions answered. New Life – T. Davidson · Counterfeit Salvation Part 3

Counterfeit Salvation Part 2

This sermon exposes SATAN’S BEST KEPT SECRETA SECRET Satan learned when he was an Angel walking in the Holy Mountain of GodA secret he has used to cause millions to Fall into Hell

Counterfeit Salvation Part 1

Accepting the Gift of Salvation through Jesus is the single most life altering experience you will ever have.It will literally change the course of your Life for Eternity