Sermons from July 2021

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The Elder Son

The Elder son seems to always be a sidenote in the story of the Prodigal Son, but he has his own story and who he represents may shock you.

The Beast Part 4

The Beast and all his armies will come to an end in the Valley of Armageddon when the Lord returns to the earth at the end of the Tribulation. The second coming of Jesus Christ is one of the most prophesied and powerful events in the Bible. This sermon describes this glorious and powerful return […]

The Beast part 3

This sermon covers the The Great Tribulation (the last 3.5 years of the tribulation). At this point, the Beast turns on the religous system he used to gain power and calls for his followers to take a Mark and Invade Israel.

The Beast – Part 2

Abaddon the Beast and spirit behind the Antichrist will be released upon the earth in the last days. Israel and Iran are on a collision coarse for war. A series of events will bring down the Prince of Persia and make way for this Prince of Grecia to rise.

The Beast – Part 1

Who is the Antichrist? Where will he come from? How close are we to the end? This teaching explores questions about the man known as the Antichrist and the Devilish Spirit that controls him.

Get Prepared

The Worse Feeling in the world is not being prepared for something you were warned about or knew was coming. God encourages us to first and foremost prepare our soul, but also tells us to prepare for things of this world. In Proverbs, God praises the ant and calls him exceeding wise for preparing ahead […]

Life Lessons from a Mom

This is the Sermon that every Mom will want thier child to hear.There is a chapter in the Bible where a Mom passes vaulable life lessons on to her son. things such as dating, drinking, how to choose a wife, and what to look for in a spouse. These lessons are just as relevant today […]

Power of life and death is in your Words

Pro 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.Words are powerful. They can be a weapon or a tool. They can help or they can hurt. This sermon shows the power of the words we speak, hear, sing and think can change […]

What would you do if Jesus said, He had something against you

Jesus walked through the seven churches in Revelation and not only showed them their strengths, but told them the areas they Had to Repent or else his judgment would fall on them. These churches not only represent seven ancient churches but the church of today as well.

Keeping Pet sins on a Leash

what is a Pet Sin? its those sins people feed and keep in their life. Its the sins that people think are harmless becasue they know them so well. Listen to this sermon and see if you have any pet sins that need removing.