Sermons from January 2021

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Cowards in the Church

Dont live your life paralyzed by fear. The Lord has not given us a Spirit of Fear but he has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. New Life – T. Davidson · Cowards in the Church

Sell out

Can you be bought? If so, what’s your price. Satan is looking for your Sell out Price. New Life – T. Davidson · Sell out

Battle before the Blessing

There’s always a battle before the Greatest Blessing of your life.There is always an enemy that wants to cheat you out of that blessing.Dont lose the biggest blessings of your life. New Life – T. Davidson · Battle before the Blessing

Secret Place of the Most High

The Bible says the Secret Place of the Most high is where blessings prevail, enemies fall, the Protection of God covers you, and the you live in Victory. Find out where this Secret place is. New Life – T. Davidson · Secret Place of the Most High

Faith – what it is and what it aint.

False Faith has wreaked alot of Havoc in the church. but When true covenant Faith shows up their is no doubt God is in the midst.Do you know the difference between True and False Faith? New Life – T. Davidson · Faith – what it is and what it aint.

Broken Promises

Be careful when you Make a promise, especially to God, He will Hold you to it. The blessings of keeping our promises. New Life – T. Davidson · Broken Promises

Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

Know the Facts about what God’s Word says about drinking. New Life – T. Davidson · Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

Witchcraft & Drugs

This sermon explores the direct Biblical link between Witchcraft, Sorcery and drugs. New Life – T. Davidson · Witchcraft & Drugs

Persuasion or Manipulation

Do you know the difference between persuasion and Manipulation? This sermon teaches you how to recognize Manipulative behavior. New Life – T. Davidson · Persuasion or Manipulation