Sermons from 2018

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Backsliding is spoken of all through the Old and New Testament. Find out what it is, and the signs of a Backslid heart.

When God introduces you to yourself

God’s Word tells us to EXAMINE ourselves. Many people lived their whole life behind a Mask and never know who they really are. God uses two main ways to bring the “real” you out from behind the mask. Find out what they are and get to know the Real you.

Rapture for the Righteous

This sermon answers questions about the Rapture or as the Bible says, being “caught up” to the Lord.

Escaping God’s Wrath

God’s Wrath is metaphorically seen as being in a Cup many times in the Bible. Its referred to as the Cup of God’s Wrath. Have you ever wondered what Tips this Cup over. There is one thing that will Cause God to pour out his wrath faster than anything else.

God’s Lamb

A must hear sermon about God’s Lamb, Jesus. find out if you have an intimate relationship with the lamb.

The Last Trump

God is about to sound the Last Trump. This sermon tells how the Feast of Trumpets relates to the coming of the Lord.

Be Healed

Understand What God’s Word says about being Healed. Also hear a story of a man in our church that was visited by and angel and received a touch from God.

Tests from God

God does not Tempt us into sin, but the Bible tells us that we will go through tests. These tests are to strengthen our faith so God can bless us.

Letting a man or woman lead you away from God

We all want meaningful relationships in our life, but how does God feel about those relationship that pull us away from him? Find our if you have let your relationships with others distance you from God.