Sermons from December 2017

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You Missed the Rapture

The 7 year tribulation will begin when Antichrist makes a covenant with many, Daniel 9:27. The first three chapters of Revelation show how God is warning his church to repent and be ready before the rapture and the beginning of this Tribulation.

Self Righteous Spirit

Self Righteous Spirits are deceptive spirits that blind a person and destroys their relationship with Jesus.

Fault Finders

Some people are always looking for the Faults in others and never focus on their own

Power of Praise

There is Power in Praise that most Christians don’t realize. Find out how Praise can change your life

Through the Fire

This sermon explains why we as Christians Suffer. Many times we don’t understand the Suffering we go through, but when God sends us through the Fire there is always a great blessing on the other side.