Sermons from January 2016

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Do you know someone who is Spoiled? When we hear the word, spoiled, we tend to think of children, but many grow up and become spoiled adults. Find out how God feels about spoiled people.

God’s Special Forces

Every military in the world has a special operation force. The Special Forces are a team of elite soldiers that are highly trained for warfare. God has his special forces to. This sermon shows who God’s special forces are.

The Few and Many

Jesus tells a parable in Matthew 7:14 and made mention that eternal life could only be found through he strait gate and narrow way. This sermon discusses the importance of an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Masks of Fake people

A mask is a fake face that we use to hide the real one with. Nobody likes dealing with Fake plastic people. This sermon discusses the many kinds of masks that people wear to hide behind and the fall out associated with wearing them.