Sermons from 2016

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Israel – a sign of the end times

the regathering of Israel is a major, sign of the times. God promised the dry bones of Ezekiel 37 would rise again in the last days and they have. He has regathered the Jews back to their homeland.

Dumb Dumb Christians

A dumb dumb christian are those that wont speak up, but when they do you wish they wouldn’t have .

Entitled People

Has America become an entitled nation? What does God say about Entitled people?

Spiritual Storms

4 different kind of spiritual storms that we go through

Motherly dating advice

The mother of Proverbs 31 gave her King son a lot of advice for life that still holds true and beneficial today


God gives us restraint against our flesh, through his Spirit.

God’s cure for depression

God knows all about depression. God’s cure for depression has been in his Word for centuries. See what He says it is.


Do you know someone who is Spoiled? When we hear the word, spoiled, we tend to think of children, but many grow up and become spoiled adults. Find out how God feels about spoiled people.