Sermons from November 2015

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Subtle Rebellion

1 Samuel 15:23 says Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. So, what is Subtle Rebellion. Subtle Rebellion is rebellion with at smile. it’s not outright blatant government over throw – per say, but a sneaky behind the scenes irritation in the small things that seemingly go unnoticed. Its those things that show a blatant […]

Restoring HOPE

Hope in God means to trust God. Hope and Faith in God is Powerful and life changing. If you are depressed and Hopeless, let God restore your hope. Learn the difference between real Hope and False Hope.

Fools lack wisdom

Why are there so many people in our society acting like fools? Why are there so many people among us with no Tact, discretion? The Bible plainly tells us if we lack wisdom then all we have to do is ask. Why oh why do people not ask?

Persecution rising

The Bible tells us that all who live Godly will suffer persecution. Christians have always been persecuted down through the ages. This sermon discusses some of these Christian martyrs and the spiritual blessings that come as a result of persecution. Persecution in the church is prevalent all over the globe, and now even in America […]

Power of the Believer

According to the Bible, God gave power to his children over all the power of the enemy, yet many Christians live in defeat. God expects us as Christians to live in the Authority he has given us and not be bullied by Satan.


Life is full of disappointment and failure, but these moments of failure do not define us. We are not our mistakes and failures. Some of the greatest inventions of history came about because of a failures, such as penicillin, Coke, and even the Microwave oven. God can turn our failures into blessings. Failure is not […]