Sermons from January 2015

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Blood thicker than water

The old saying, “Blood is thicker than water” implies that family shares a loyalty above all other relationships. Jesus tells us who his family is in Matthew 12:47-50 and whose blood is most important.


A doorway is an entry or exit from one place to another. The scripture speaks of many different kind of doorways. This sermon explores the different kinds of doorways and which ones need to be open and which ones need to be shut.


Thieves are not always the masked bandits that rob houses. this sermon addresses the many different kinds of thieves that walk among us. For example: the Entitled thief, the moocher, the con, the “honest” thief, and even those that brazenly steal from God.

Redefined Christianity

Satan knew he couldn’t get rid of the Word of God so he did the next best thing. He has attempted to redefine what it means. This game of semantics has been going on since the Garden of Eden. Satan has redefined Christianity and twisted the Word to accommodate man in his lust.

Reprobate “God is not playing games”

A reprobate is one who is rejected of God. Find out who are reprobates. God is merciful and forgiving, but many refuse to see that God is not playing games. This is a hard sermon to hear because it shows us the scary side of having to face an almighty God if one continues to […]