Sermons from October 2014

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Different or Wrong?

How many times have you labeled something or someone wrong or sinful just because it’s different? Just because someone or something worships different, looks different, attends a different church doesn’t make them wrong and you right. In Mark 9:38-40 the Disciples tried to forbid some people from serving the Lord because they weren’t part of […]

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Have you ever been deceived, hurt, played, lied to, tricked, used? Then you probably know that everybody you meet will not always be what they say they are. How can we avoid this? Jesus told us that we could identify these Wolves in Sheep’s clothing by the Fruit they bear. Be careful of who you […]

Fear of Intimacy

Find out if you or someone you know has intimacy issues? The Fear of intimacy will cheat you out of many great relationships throughout your life especially the greatest one of all – God.

Invite ’em all let God sort em out

Invite ’em all, let God sort ’em out. This sermon encourages us as Christians to go out of the church walls and compel everybody to come and fill God’s house up so they can hear the life saving gospel. In Luke 14, the Lord was angry with the cheap excuses that some gave for not […]