1. If I visit, will I be embarrassed? Nope, not by us but I can’t help it if you embarrass yourself. We won’t ask you stand up, or direct the entire church’s attention to you in any way. You can sneak in, and sneak out if that’s what you want, but you may have to endure a few smiles and friendly handshakes. We understand people like to feel anonymous at first while they are praying about where to attend church.

2. Can I wear jeans? I hope so, the Pastor does. Casual clothing is welcomed, but if you are fond of suits or tuxedos that will work to. We are more concerned about your soul than your wardrobe, but we do understand that wardrobe choices can be a stumbling block to some and with that in mind we just ask that people dress modest and descent.

3. What if my kids act up? We love kids, even the mean ones. Kids need to learn about Jesus too, so bring them to church with you. We have hickory sticks available in the foyer… Just kidding… you’ll have to bring your own. Or here’s an even better option, we have a Nursery where you can hear and view service. We do ask that you take advantage of our nursery so that others are not hindered or distracted from a fussy or playful child.

4. I have an extremely bad past, will I still be welcome? I hope so, most of our church and its leaders had a rough past. God is so concerned about your future, he is willing to forgive and forget your past.

5. Will I feel comfortable at your church? Well the temperature and seats are very comfortable and the people are warm and welcoming, but if you are referring to an emotional comfort that’s up to you. The sermons can really make you squirm at times as the truth will challenge you according to God’s Word, but it’s the good kind of uncomfortable. By the way, we are almost never politically correct. We don’t change the Word of God to accommodate us; we let it change us instead. We may not look or act like a traditional church, but we do follow God’s word down to the jot and tittle.

6. What denomination are you? We are Non-denominational. For more details about us, check out our “What We Believe” page. If you still have questions or want more Information about our church feel free to ask us anything. Send us an email; write a letter, telegraph, or Morse code. If none of these work for you, then just drop in for a visit and ask us in person.

7. Does this church handle snakes? Not unless one makes his way in uninvited. But they are definitely not incorporated into our worship service by any means.

8. Is your church a caring church? Our church doesn’t care one bit…..Ok let me finish… we don’t care about some things. Such as: what your bank account balance is, what brand name of clothes you wear, how bad your past was, what race you are, but we DO CARE about you.

Sunday School 10:00 am
Sunday Worship 10:45 am
Wednesday Night 6:30 pm

If you still have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.